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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Frogs, Ribbet, Bud, Ribbet

From Kermit to Budweiser, what is our fascination with frogs? We all know if a girl kisses the right frog it will turn into a handsome prince. Right? Don't confuse a frog with a toad, Frogs usually have smooth, moist skin and spend most of their lives in or near water. Toads usually have dry, warty-looking skin and spend more time living on land. Which brings me to the age old question, Do frogs give you warts? According to the Froggy Page, 'Don't be silly! Warts are caused by a virus, not by frogs. This common myth probably originated because many toads have bumps that that look like warts. The large bumps behind the toad's ears (the parotoid glands) contain a nasty poison. It tastes bad and irritates the mouth of any predators who try to eat toads and can cause convulsions or even death. You should be careful in handling toads and always wash your hands afterward.' So what about frog licking? 'Since before the dawn of time, frogs have been licked in the hopes of spiritual revelations. Much of modern science and engineering can be directly linked to the Frog licking practices of otherwise highly intelligent men,' according to Mr. Encyclopedia. If you are interested in this practice you can read the article here.

Below I offer some pics depicting the variety of colors. I also have included some of the Budweiser commercials. Or should I say Bud...Weis...Er.

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