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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Need a caddy? Try a Llama

What will they think up next. How would you like a llama for a caddy? WSPA News Channel 7 reports that Sherwood Forest Golf Course in Cedar Mountain, NC is using llamas for caddys. They are still in training so they may not know which club to use. Give them some time, I'm sure they will figure it out. My only question is this, If the llama makes a mistake and gives you the wrong club and you start arguing with the llama, is it going to spit in your face? I know I had that happen to me one time when I was working for Zoo Atlanta and I was being nice to it and petting him. They are friendly animals for the most part so I will give them that. But seriously, A llama for a caddy? Maybe if I can ride on him between shots. I think I will stick to a golf cart and my own incompetance in choosing my club. Of course, I could use the exercise. Here's the news footage video. Have a great day!

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