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Friday, August 14, 2009


When Joseph was diagnosed with *Cystic Fibrosis at 3 yrs. old the doctors told his mom that he would probably not make it past his eighth birthday. Almost 27years later… HE'S STILL HERE... Still going stro....ok... well….We cannot honestly tell you anymore that “he's still going strong.” Sure…in spite of the chicken legs…he's still ruggedly handsome and seemingly the picture of mediocre health…but unfortunately Joseph's lungs are calling it quits.

Over the past 20 years, he has been admitted to the hospital a countless number of times (lost count at 72) battling one lung infection after another. Currently at 5’6” his weight has dropped to 108 pounds and his lungs are operating at 14% (FEV1) of expected function based on his age, weight, height, ect. and he has recently been placed on home oxygen. Fighting infection, congestion, weight loss, etc. has become a daily struggle.

After much prayer…he has decided to receive a double lung transplant. There are enormous costs associated with receiving an organ transplant. Hospital and physician charges alone can cost up to $500k. Thankfully Joseph's insurance will cover 80% of that cost. However…the remaining 20%, which could be as much as $100k, will be his responsibility.

On top of that…required outpatient immuno-suppressant medications following transplantation can cost anywhere between $15k - $25k annually, leaving him to pay prescription co-pays that could very likely be hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

It’s worth the cost. We know that God is not finished with Joseph yet. Over the past eight years since he gave his life to Christ, he's had the opportunity to share Jesus' love and Gospel to many people in many churches, schools, clubs, street corners, camps and yes…hospitals. You may have even seen him on the side of the road in Stockbridge holding up a poster board that says, "Jesus Still Loves You" on it. He love's ministering…and he's not finished!

With the transplant, as far as Joseph's lungs are concerned, he will be cured of cystic fibrosis! He will no longer have to endure frequent hospitalizations! He will no longer have to tell Kayse (his wife) to slow down while walking around together! With new lungs he will be able to run around the yard with his dogs, go hiking with his friends, swimming with his family, and play catch with his nephews!!!

But…We Need Your Help!

Helen Keller said it best, “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.”

Please prayerfully consider what you can do to financially or otherwise help support us in this endeavor.

You can also visit Joseph's Blog: http://www.lungs4joseph.com/ to keep updated with the latest news on the transplant, hear Joseph's testimony, see a schedule of upcoming fundraisers or to make a secured credit/debit card donation through PayPal.

Donations can also be given at any Wachovia bank. Just let the teller know that you would like to give to:Lungs For Joseph.

Thank You for supporting this life saving campaign!

*Cystic Fibrosis (also known as CF) is a hereditary disease affecting the exocrine (mucous) glands of the lungs causing chronic respiratory and digestive problems.

Our mission is to raise moo-lah for Joseph McCanne's lung transplant and post transplant immunosuppressant drugs. You can also join in a Walk-A-Thon for this worthy cause. It is going to be:

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Location: Mount Carmel Elementary
Street: 2450 Mt. Carmel Rd.
City/Town: Hampton, GA

You can become a fan on Facebook by clicking this link.

Below is the welcome video from Joseph McCanne's Web site.

Intro for Lungs4Joseph.com from Joseph McCanne on Vimeo.

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