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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy National Underwear Day!!!

National Underwear Day? Yes, today is the 7th anniversary of the event. Who would of ever thought that we would be celebrating such a thing? When I was growing up nobody ever even talked about their underwear. The only thing you knew was that you wanted it to be clean without holes in the off chance that you were in some kind of an accident. It was one of those things that were giggled about on schoolyards and in the work place. Not today, National Underwear Day was founded in August 2003. For the past six years, Freshpair has slated the first week of August with gorgeous models strolling down the runway showing off their underwear in New York City. According to Freshpair, "Last year the annual renegade sidewalk fashion show transformed into a celebrity-studded fashion event, hosted by actress and fashion maven Lydia Hearst. This year, in response to popular demand, the event has grown into an online underwear extravaganza!" You can read about these unmentionables and their history on their website. They have contests and many offers including discounts and free stuff from their sponsors. Take a look at the videos below to see highlights of last year's event and its coverage the Today show. So get out and flaunt those unmentionables today, I won't tell anybody. Have a Happy National Underwear Day!

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