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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alone at Sunset

I offer this poem to all of those who are alone.

Alone at Sunset
By Brian, the old man

As I sit beside the ocean’s shore
And watch the setting sun
I ponder things about my life
Am I the only one?

Not a soul in sight that I can see
I sit here all alone
The emptiness of God’s green earth
Not a thing to hear me moan.

What can I do to make me whole
And make things seem alright
I turn to God and cry to Him
Why can’t You see my plight?

I know it’s wrong to question You
About these things I fear
Help me let go and trust in You
Give you the wheel to steer.

I look upon the setting sun
In awe of Your great scene
The colors are so beautiful
The water looks so clean

You help me know, You’re there with me
My faith grows more each day
I give to You my heart and soul
For All these things, I pray.


  1. What a great poem Brian! Very touching and really heartfelt. ☺

  2. Brian, I really like this poem, you did a great job. You seem to get better with every poem you write so keep them coming. Great job.

  3. I really like like it Old Man!
    Kiss My Apples

  4. Brian, the poem was very touching, you did a good job. Look forward to reading more of your creation.

  5. Good job B.! Loved it...


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