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Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Late Night on the Net

Another Late Night on the Net

By Brian, the old man

Late nights on the Net

I’ll never regret

But I am so tired

I’m no longer wired

Looking at links

But everything stinks

Tried recipes for food

I’m not in the mood

For the links that I click

Are making me sick

Gave Facebook a try

Naught a thing caught my eye

Had Twitter in sight

It’s too slow tonight

Thought I’d read mail

But found no good tale

Then thought I would look

To find a good book

Though nothing I see

Looks worth it to me

I’ll just go to bed

And lie down my head

To dream and to soar

And have a good snore


  1. Awesome! great flow to this, almost sounds like one could put music to it & sing it!

  2. Another good one(poem)You keep churning them out!

    Yeah...it's good to come off the net and give your brain a rest sometimes.It will always be there...I think!

  3. I'd better watch out Brian. The way you are churning them out one after another you will be giving me a run for my money soon. Keep them coming, I'll risk it. LOL Good job old man.

  4. Ha-ha-ha!! This is a good one!☺ True too! Great job!

  5. This one is good and very true. Keep up the good work you have a way with words.


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