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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bottles, Pirates, Cast-Aways and Genies

Treasure Along the Beach
by Brian, the old man

As I search for treasure
Along the ocean shore
I run across a bottle
I hoped for something more

It looks so old and dirty
And has a simple form
I wonder where it came from
When dragged in from the storm

I wonder if a pirate
Had used it for his rum
Or placed a map within it
Pointing to a king’s ransom

I try to see inside it
The glass is full of fog
Could be from a lost sailor
Got hung up in the bog

Or maybe if I clean it
From swimming with the fish
I will find a genie
To grant my every wish

My fantasy is over
I’ll set it on my shelf
The skull looks good next to it
If I do say so myself

Thanks to my friend Carrie at Prompt Romp for inspiring me with the Image from Wikipedia Commons above.


  1. this is COOL as all hella!! Love the picture you used, fits it perfect! Awesome!

  2. Wonderful poem. I too wonder when I find old object and bottles on the beach what their past life was like. That's why I love antique shops so much.

  3. This is really great Brian!! Awesome! This is a very interesting poem, like I can't wait to read to the end! Great ending too!

  4. Brian, this one is good also. I enjoyed reading the poem and the picture turely fits the poem, good choice.


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