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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hop on Over, I'll Be There for You

I offer this poem to all of those who encourage and support me.

Hop on Over, I'll Be There for You
By Brian, the old man

Bunny Hop
Bunny Go
Along the trail
Off to the show

He hears a sound
Stops on the trail
He hops some more
Into a pail

He is so fat
And round you see
He can't get out
Needs help from me

I gently push
the bucket over
He hops right out
Into the clover

He looks once more
As if to say
Thanks my friend
You made my day

I sit and think
He's fat like me
Glad for friends
To set him free

Friends give me hope
Support my goal
To lose the weight
And make me whole

Like my friends
You make me think
To eat healthy
Watch what I drink

Bunny hop
Bunny go
Thanks my friend
Enjoy the show


  1. Aw I love your poems! These are most excellent to read, over my morning coffee!

  2. Brian,
    I do believe you got it my friend. I see nothing wrong with this poem. Very good job, keep it up. Waiting for your next one.

  3. This is really a cute one Brian! Using the bunny was a great idea and really creative! Makes so much sense and very cute!☺

  4. A bit of a fun read with a message included.Excellent stuff! Me like!


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