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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta Flooding: Gov. Purdue Declares State of Emergency

Governor Sonny Purdue has declared a State of Emergency for 17 Georgia Counties. He reports three major Interstates were closed, one has been reopened. Asks citizens to stay home and keep safe. Seven residents have been confirmed dead including one little boy. Though President Obama has been unavailable, Governor Purdue has asked for President Obama for a Declaration of Emergency. This will guarantee victims have a place to go as there homes are repaired or replaced where the people will not be displaced. He reports seeing some homes with water up to rooftops stating that homes can be replaced but we can never reclaim the lives that were lost. He reported seeing a house burning while the fire trucks there to help were submerged. He states that there is a huge state wide effort to handle this emergency. There is a water supply shortage in several counties, Stevens County water supply should be back on today. Carrol County is still under a water boiling order. Governor Purdue stated to keep safe and asks Georgians to rise to the occasion. He again reminded everyone to stay safe and stay secure. He thanked neighbors for helping neighbors and communities for helping communities.


  1. There's a reason for Federal, State, County & City Governments.

    All the Hate shown and displayed at the Townhalls and in Washington DC about the Federal Government getting out of the way and now the Federal Government is the one they seek to say the day.


  2. very very scary, my thoughts & prayers are with everyone!!


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