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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Customer Service

Do you get tired of being on hold waiting on customer service? Do you hate those automated systems you have to key all of your information into and can never get a actual live person on the line? Well, as many of you know I have started working from home in the customer service industry for a call center.

Because of my handicap I needed to find something which I could do at home which was not a scam. If you have ever tried looking for a real job to do from home you know it is not easy to find something which isn't a scam or one which does not cost you money to start. I mean if I had the money to start my own business would I be looking for employment? Then why do people who are selling their wares prey on the unemployed and post their advertisements in the job listings as if they are offering work when really they want to sell you something. If it is a business opportunity then advertise it as a business opportunity, not a job!!! For those of you who have a business opportunity for me, don't bother, I already have a business opportunity in mind and once I can afford to begin I will but first I need some steady income.

OK, well I got sidetracked there with my rant. I am happy I finally found a real job which is with a company which Clark Howard recommends. I had some communications issues between my computer and theirs which have been resolved and now I am ready to begin work. Today I ran across this poem which I found amusing and relates to my future job. Hope you enjoy.

The Customer
by Frank Halliwell

"Good morning! Thanks for calling us!
We're pleased to hear from you!
Your call's important to us
So we've placed you in a queue.

Please find your account number and
Be sure it is correct..
It's twenty digits long and if you
Mis-type, I'll reject.

I'll lead you through the whole routine
Please use your touch type phone.
Press eight and follow with the hash
After you hear the tone.

If you are a new client here..
Press two, ..if old, press three.
Press four in case we've done something
With which you disagree!

You have pressed four, please wait a moment
While I transfer you..
And please enjoy, while we play you
A symphony or two!

Our staff are all too busy now
To talk to such as you
Your call is so important that
We've placed you in a queue."

Time passes and the music lingers
On, and bye and bye..
My cheek and ear go fast asleep,
My wrist gets R.S.I.

But wait! It may be there is hope!
I hear a ringing sound,
At last a human voice is heard
After the runaround!

"Good morning, this is Ladies wear
And may we help somehow?
Complaints?.. Oh! Just hang on a tick
I'll transfer you right now!..."

"Good morning! Thanks for calling us!
We're pleased to hear from you!
Your call's important to us
So we've placed you in a queue."

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