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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Water on the Moon Update

NASA in their effort to confirm reports of water on the moon launched a rocket on October 9, 2009 to crash into the lunar surface. Although the lunar explosion was not visible to the naked-eye it is obvious from the Today Show video below the results were still deemed successful by NASA's equipment. Water is the critical element which makes it possible to live on the moon for extended periods of time and could be the stepping stone to other planetary exploration. Also, the water’s molecules can be broken down to Hydrogen and Oxygen to make rocket fuel. It will take time for NASA to analyze the results but if it is found that the moon does indeed have the water and ice they expect to find this could mean huge savings in dollars spent on space exploration. This is great news especially considering recent budget cuts.

For more information and videos follow this link to my earlier article, Water Found on the Moon.


  1. Space. The final frontier. It will be interesting to observe the progress of space exploration over our lifetime. Hopefully we will live long enough to experience alot of the new frontiers of space.

  2. I have to say I'm a bit perturbed at all of the criticism aimed at NASA for the lack of photographic fireworks in their last experiment. The object, I'm sure, of the water search was to gather data, not entertain the masses...

  3. TC, It will be interesting to see where all of this leads in the future. I hope we will live long enough to experience these events. Space exploration has given us numerous advances in many areas of science.

    I agree with you Melissa. I believe NASA sometimes is expected to awe the masses in everything they do when in actuality this experiment once analyzed will give them some good data even though it didn't have the fireworks display.


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