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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oldman's Pumpkin Carving

Here they are!

I carved my pumpkin tonight while handing out candy
to all of the Trick or Treaters.
We had lots of lots of children in great costumes visit our door.
The kids looked really good this year.
We gave out lots of candy and sugar free gum.
The first bowl was empty in less than 5 minutes with the very first crowd.
Afterward, we gave out all of the candy to the neighbors kids
when we were finished so we never ran out.
I hate those years when you run out and have to turn the light off early.

This is my attempt at a Veggie Tale face.
I got the idea for this one on a video I posted on
You can view this video of How to Carve an Award Winning Pumpkin
by clicking on this first photo.
There you will also find the
Tale of the Jack o Lantern and
Directions for Roasting Pumpkin Seeds.
We still haven't roasted ours yet, but I will try to remember
to let you know how they turn out.

I like this one the best.
(Sorry I could not do the Falcon's logo, too complicated)

Here's my simple side.
This took all of maybe 5 minutes to carve.

Here's me holding my masterpiece. Don't I look thriller. LOL
I had a busy day so I was pretty tired after I finished carving.

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  1. Oh yeah I love them,but I like the simple one a lot as well...it's the classic right?

    So wow!..some new pictures of you!...cool!

  2. What a great carving! Ours were classic Jack o' Lantern's (translation: easy) Thanks for posting these pictures!

  3. Hi B, Mine were plastic so no carving necessary. I had some smaller real ones decorating the banister of our porch. I had witches and ghosts and a pumpkin man with see through material covering the pumpkins and a lighted ghost at the foot of the steps and lighted pumpkins lining the corners of each step and lights of pumpkins & ghosts across the porch banister. Really cool decorations. Nice to see you B, I have only ever seen your face. Cool looking carved pumpkins, we used to roast the seeds also. Patty

  4. AW! that pumpkin pics are awesome thank u for sharing!!

    it rained here in philly, hardly had any trick or treaters :(

  5. Thanks everyone. There was a little dizzle here but not enough to keep all the little goblins, witches, fairies, and one tween dressed up as a baby away.

  6. What an artistic young man you are! I was planning to be out of town visiting my peeps, so had to forgo the pumpkin carving this year...

  7. Sounds like a good Halloween night. Very cool jack-0-lanterns! It was suppose to rain here but we ended up having a beautiful night with a full moon peeking through some clouds.

  8. Very cute! Sorry I could not visit yesterday but 2 of our dogs escaped and were running around in the next village. OH were they having fun..we finally caught up with them at 2 am.

    All this talk of roasting pumpkin seeds is giving me a craving!

  9. Thanks again. I appreciate everyone's comments. As I was laying down my head to go to sleep I noticed the full moon. The sky cleared up and today was a beautiful day though a little on the chilly side.

    Michelle, thanks for reminding me, the pumpkin seeds turned out delicious in fact I think I will go and see if my son left me any.

    Hope everyone has a great week!


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