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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tattoos – Yes or I Don’t Think So?

Today let me take a moment to discuss tattoos. Many people have them and my son’s hobby is being a tattoo artist. He is very artistic and I think he does good work. All of the tattoos in this article are samples of his work. But for me, I have never gotten a tattoo. When I was younger the only people getting tattoos were people in the military, bikers or biker chicks. Now I did have my days of glory riding down the highway with a bike between my legs doing well over 100mph. But my days of rebellion never led me to getting a tattoo.

I have thought about getting one from time to time. Then I think about, do I really want to live with this for the rest of my life? Do I really want to sit and have someone poke me with a needle over and over again? Also, there was the consideration of being looked down upon by prospective employers. And, how drunk does one have to be to get a tattoo? I have been falling down drunk many times with the opportunity to get one and decided no. Of course, my parents were against it.

It still crosses my mind to get one even now though. It is more socially acceptable to have one now. Of course, from what I am told once you have one you want another so I’m not sure I’m in for that kind of a commitment. I would end up looking like the Illustrated Man in Ray Bradbury’s book with tattoos all over my body and then they would come alive and illustrate stories; I don’t think I can handle tattoos coming to life on my skin. No, that’s not for me.

However, I still consider having one. If I was to get one I would do like I have been advised by someone who has many tattoos. First, I would make copies of the tattoo and post them everywhere, on the computer, the refrigerator, the mirror, the car, the door, the wall, the microwave and just about any flat surface which I could find. Then, if after a month I am not thoroughly sick of looking at it I might get it. Also, I would not get something stupid which I will regret for the rest of my life like a heart with an arrow through it with some girl’s name on it. Now that may be okay for you but I think it’s stupid. I would make sure it has meaning to me and was something I found important. I would not get something because I thought it was cool. Cool is a relevant term which usually wears out as the seasons pass. The last thing I would do is make sure the artist is safe, has good hygiene, and does good work. You know the old saying; you get what you pay for.

I know your curiosity is peaked as to what kind of tattoo I would get. There are a few things I have considered as designs for tattoos. Probably the top two would be either a thunderbird similar to the one at the top of this article or a dragon. There are many different dragons I like so I do not have a picture of one of them posted. I am not going to go into the reasoning behind these choices just suffice it to say they do meet my criteria though I have not posted them everywhere and probably would get sick of looking at it.

So, what are your thoughts about tattoos? Do you have one and where is it? Now I don’t want to hear about your Welcome Aboard tattoo on your penis, that’s a joke from that movie which had sailors in it and the captain supposedly had one there. Does anyone remember the movie I’m talking about? Also, do you think I should get one and which one do you think I should get? Not that I really care because I will make up my own mind but I welcome your opinion. Finally, as long as we are talking about the general subject of mutilating oneself, LOL, what do you think about body piercing? Please leave me your thoughts and comments. Take care and have a great day!


  1. I love the skull one!

    I have 2, i had them done for sentimental reasons to myself. It's a person choice-they do HURT, not going to lie & say otherwise lol!

    Sure if you would like to get one! But make it your own choice, remember it's something you are going to have 4 ever!

  2. person choice

    HA, early-should say "personal choice"

  3. I have tattoos, but i'm with you, they should have some significant meaning behind them.
    One that I have is a Ladybug. Symbolical of good luck. but it was more a sisterly promise to one another. I wont go into details. Love your blogs. *kiss my apples* here.

  4. Tatts aren't for me.
    I've not known many people who were happy with the tatts they got in their 20s by the time they got to their 40s (or even 30s).
    If people are convinced OK, but most people seem to get them thinking they are a fashion accessory.

  5. Hey Old Man! You wrote some really good stuff here! ☺ "To tattoo or not to tattoo", that is the question huh? ☺ Tattoos really are a matter of a person's own taste. You are right, they are not for everyone. If you were to get a tattoo, where to get one? It would depend on what you wanted to get, how big you want it to be, and a good tattoo artist would be able to help you decide where it would look best on your body. (And where it would hurt the least ha-ha!!) That's if you are undecided where to get the ink of course. Tattoo artists truly are artists and I think you would be quite impressed with the way a tattoo looks after it's on the skin. It really is "Art". ☺ A tattoo hurts more depending on where you get it. Where you pinch on your body and it is most sensitive is where it will hurt the most. It also hurts by the bone, too. Ankles and such. On the back, on the outer arms and legs shouldn't be too bad, (depending on how much shading there is) the skin there is thicker and tougher. Insides of arms, on the sides of your ribs, wrists, places like that I would imagine would be the worst.
    I have one tattoo, on my chest I got when I was 16 years old. It wasn't too bad. Heart with a sword through it. Never regretted it a day in my life. ☺
    I'll give you a couple pieces of advice though, (ha-ha-ha!).. Stay away from the crummy parts of town, that's where you don't want to get a tattoo and don't drink before you get one. If drinking a person bleeds more getting a tattoo since alcohol thins the blood. The latter I was told my the tattooist who did my tattoo. (You'll probably be least likely to chicken out if you have your wits about you if you go in a tattoo parlor sober.)☺ Don't forget that tattooists can come up with pretty much what you want so it's freedom of choice there! Cool blog and have a great day!☺☺☺


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